31 may. 2011

Cashews, cashews and more cashews

Apart from the crops we harvest (beans, corn, yucca, peppers, jamaica, etc.), we are slowly developing our 25-acre farm into a local vivero (nursery) so that we can do our part to address the deforestation problem in Nicaragua. As one of the largest cattle production areas in the country, Camoapa continues to graze and develop its luscious land for beef and milk export, resulting in significant deforestation of this mid-highland region. Over to the last 6 years, we have planted over 1000 trees, including mango, avocado, coffee, cashew, lime, orange, papaya, oak and mahogany. Our current project is seeding over 100 new cashew trees for future harvest.

The cashew nut (seed) hangs off the bottom of the fruit which is shaped like a pear. The picture below shows the nut and fruit from one of our mature trees. From time of planting, trees take about 3 years to harvest.

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