11 ene. 2010

Some BIG Events

The most emotional milestone we have just recently experienced at Hogar was that our four oldest boys - Medarto, Eddie, Isidro and Serafin - all successfully graduated from primary school! All four have been at the program since its inception (nearly six years ago) and we have all had the wonderful opportunity to share and experience the joy of their incredible successes (and sometimes failures) over the past many years. We are so proud of them! They will continue on with us, as this does not mark the end of their time at Hogar, but it certainly helps us to realize that the work we are doing is meaningful and appreciated. Some of these boys may never have seen this glorious day if it weren't for the hard work from all of our staff, parents, community members and certainly the boys themselves. They are all truly an inspiration and they prove to us that real effort can make a difference. Congratulations boys!

Here is Medarto with Rachel, our Executive Director, and Serafin with his Mother, Teresa.

The other exciting day came in November when three of our younger children - Roberto, Gabriel and Ninoska - made their First Communion. They all looked very beautiful and proud. Here they are after the mass and the ceremony.

Called to Perform

Hogar's Folkloric Dance Group has been growing in popularity. We are invited to perform at nearly every community event that happens in Camoapa. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Professor Omar Calero, who instructs the children in the specifics of traditional Nicaraguan dance, and the volunteer efforts of Professor Bismar Sanchez, who has recently come on board to give by-weekly gym class, we are getting stronger and more excited about our future potential each and every day. Some of our most recent public appearances have been at the grand opening of the brand new hospital in Camoapa, an event at the local Univeristy and at regular Ferias (holidays) in the nearby surrounding villages. Sometimes they perform in front of hundreds of people, and believe it or not, the kids don't even get nervous!