25 ene. 2011

Theater Class!!

We have been blessed with two incredible volunteers from Colorado.

Drew is a high school drama teacher who has been working hard with our kids to develop their creativity in a way that they have never seen or experienced. He started with basic theater games, moving to charades and finally has been working with some of the older kids and the adolescents to write a version of "Beauty and the Beast" which they will soon perform for the Hoger Luceros community. Most of the youth began this process feeling uncomfortable acting and performing in front of each other. Many of them goofed around, some chose to sit out altogether. But with persistence and allowing them time to let their guards down, they eventually warmed up. The classes are truly in full swing and the kids are really enjoying themselves (as you can see from the photos!)

Jordan, our other volunteer, helps Drew with the theater class and also holds play groups with the younger children of the Ayudame a Crecer program. She also spends a few days a week volunteering at the Casa de la Mujer, a program for women in Camoapa. She has a background in both theater and psychology.

To see more photos of our new theater class, check out our photo album on facebook.

14 ene. 2011

Our Birthday Wish

Hogar Luceros del Amanecer and The Sunrise Foundation have teamed up (yet again) to create a birthday wish through our CAUSES page on Facebook. This social media site allows us to reach more individuals and organizations that are dedicated to changing the world and it encourages them to provide us with their support. YEAH!

This year, for our 7th birthday (February 4th,) we have set a simple fundraising goal of $500. With a contribution of just $25 from 20 of our supporters, we can reach this goal in no time flat. So will you consider sending us a birthday present? Your support will help Nicaraguan children learn, grow and continue to stay healthy. Please contribute TODAY!
Just click on the CAUSES icon above and it will bring you directly to our birthday wish webpage! You can also view and/or become a member of our CAUSE by clicking right here.