21 jul. 2009


Twice a year Hogar Luceros receives a truckload of donated items from the United States. Most of the items come from Massachusetts and are shipped through a Church program in Buffalo, New York. We recently traveled to Teustepe (a town about an hour from Camoapa) to pick up the donated items, which included 2 bicycles, 10 sewing machines, 6 boxes of fabric and sewing notions, a box of baby clothes, 12 large early childhood development toys and some miscellaneous household items. The baby clothes were given to the Casa Materna here in Camoapa and the large toys were delivered to Centro de Desorrollo Infantil (CDI), which is a program that serves 140 children, ages 1 month to 6 years. Along with the toys, Hogar's Social Worker, Aleyda, provided a training on early childhood development strategies for the staff of CDI. She stressed the necessity to engage young children and offered techniques for encouraging all aspects of a child's development, including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognition, speech ability, sense perception, social affectiveness, auto-independence, etc. All in all, it was a beautiful day for the children of CDI who seemed delighted to have some new and interesting toys to play with (see the photos below for their smiling faces) because the reality is that CDI manages with very few resources and an insufficient amount of staff to provide the children what it is that they really need.

For information on how to make similar donations, please contact us at the email listed to the right.

15 jul. 2009

Nicaraguan Folkloric Dancing

For about two years now, a group of the boys and girls at Hogar have been taking Nicaraguan folkloric dance lessons. We have a local dancing instructor who volunteers his time several nights a week. The dance costumes that the children wear have also been made by local women and mothers of the children who come to Hogar regularly for sewing instruction. They have performed on various occasions around Camoapa over the past year or more. Here you can see them performing at the Women's Sandinista Congress in June.

3 jul. 2009


We have created a new blog for Hogar Luceros del Amanecer, as a way for the rest of the world to see what we are doing here at Hogar. All of us here believe that our program is wonderful and we want to share our experiences with all of you! Life in Nicaragua is not easy, but as a "family" we hope to pass on what we know and care about so that you will know and care about it too. Happy reading!