25 ago. 2009

Around Hogar - just for fun!

First of all, our dog Lassie, who escaped from the premises just about two months ago, turned out to be pregnant from her escapades in Camoapa. Just last week she gave birth to ten pups! It has brought some excitement to Hogar and an unexpected, yet welcomed, technique for teaching the children how to care for small, vulnerable creatures.

Here are some photos of a recent field trip up the nearby mountain, Mombacho. It was vacation week, and after a few days of working on the farm and doing other small projects around Hogar (including having fun, of course!) the trip was a much needed break from school. They spent time playing futbol, scrambling for the candy out of a pinata, exploring a bit of the local terrain and swimming in the river.

The children at Hogar receive a well-rounded education. In addition to regular classes, they also receive cultural dance lessons, voice lessons, basket weaving instruction, health education and the older kids receive a mentorship in a selected vocation. The entire group of 22 also occasionally goes out to the farm to help Don Adrian plant vegetables, flowers or simply to maintain the grounds. Here are some of the older boys at work:

And here are some of the others receiving basket weaving instruction:

3 ago. 2009

Sewing classes as a time for sharing

With the big donation of sewing machines that we received some weeks ago, our sewing class at Hogar has really taken off! Several nights a week, some of the Mothers of our students come to learn sewing techniques as well as to enjoy the time engaging with each other, the children and the staff. Most recently they have been helping us with new dance costumes for the folkloric dance performances in which most of our children participate. It turns out that just the other day the kids were able to try out their new costumes for a show performed here at Hogar that actually made the local nightly news! The Mothers bring a wonderful feeling of love and connection to the center and we hope to continue to be able to offer this space for ongoing sharing, growing and support.

Here are some of the new costumes in use: